Embassy of Italy in Kuala Lumpur

Italian Film Festival 2018
Tools & Languages


Create an engaging trailer mashup for the 2018 Italian Film Festival in Kuala Lumpur that would capture the essence of the festival and attract viewers to attend the screenings.


I worked closely with the Italian Film Festival team to understand their needs and develop a trailer mashup that would meet their requirements. The following tasks were completed: Review and select footage: I reviewed a selection of footage from the festival's five featured films, "Stay Away From Me," "Italian Race," "Welcome To The South," "A Golden Boy," and "White As Milk, Red As Blood." I selected footage that was visually appealing, representative of the different genres of the films, and that would convey the excitement and anticipation of the festival. Editing and music: I edited the selected footage together in a fast-paced and dynamic style. I also added music that was upbeat, energetic, and reflective of the Italian culture. Graphics and branding: I added graphics and branding elements to the trailer mashup, including the Italian Film Festival logo and the dates and locations of the screenings.